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The preparation of a quotation is a complex procedure, which requires the acquisition and verification by the Notary and his collaborators of numerous information. Each type of deed, in fact, is subject to different taxes and expenses, which may vary considerably based on the specific situation in which the subject must perform the deed and the asset or right that must be the subject of the contract. Each different type of act requires the control of numerous documents that differ from case to case. For this reason, in order to prepare the quotation relating to the deed requested by you, we invite you to contact us, even by email, with our office, so that you will be promptly provided with a quotation related to your request.

In principle, and without prejudice to the foregoing, for acts relating to real estate it is necessary at the time of requesting an estimate to send this study the cadastral status of the property and the deed or document certifying ownership of the property. 

To obtain the list of documents necessary to prepare the estimate relating to your deed, please contact us at the following addresses:

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Piazza Civica, 11 - 07041 Alghero - Tel: +39 079 9732028


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